“Gor is unrealistic”

•November 7, 2008 • 4 Comments

I’ve been hearing that a lot, and it bugs me. Sure, the fictional creatures and Priest-Kings don’t exist that we know of, but the cultures Gor? That is very realistic.

I have heard complaints about how John Norman incorrectly portrayed women, or relationships between men and women. The complaints state that Norman stereotypes women into unrealistic roles.  


Okay, so can you show me proof on this? How about instead I point you to pleasure harems that still exist to this day? Women competing for attention from their Master or husband. Islam allows men to have up to 4 wives.


Other complaints claim the caste system is unrealistic. I shall point you to the castes in India, or the castes in Star Trek. Or the unions of today.


It seems to me that those complaining are basing their complaints on the assumption that their society is the only type of society that can possibly exist. And yet, life in Africa is surely much different in life in America. Even the culture of Australia differs from life in Britain.


What really is unrealistic is assuming that one’s society is the right one for all people. Let different cultures exist and don’t bash them for doing things differently than you do.


City of Ti

•September 3, 2008 • Leave a Comment

What a project.  After 2 months of waiting, the sim finally arrived and construction began, which took another month. If it weren’t for the core group of people who spread the word and waited an entire month with me for the sim, I don’t think Ti would be the city it is today.

And what a city it is. Everyday there is talk of Ti. I’ve never seen such a positive stream of news regarding one city in SL Gor before. I love it. Makes me so proud. I’ve gotten so many compliments and praise for Ti. Not even my old Coryrus was loved this much.

A lot of work is ahead of me, but with the people I have, I think I can do it. I hope to continue to be the beacon of hope for SL Gor. I don’t want to let my friends down.

Hello world!

•September 3, 2008 • 1 Comment

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